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Top Five Reasons Why Hiring A Call Center Makes Good Business Sense

by Joseph Pores, President and CEO, Call4Health - October 19, 2018

Top Five Reasons Why Hiring a Call Center Makes Good Business Sense

By Joseph Pores, President & CEO, Call 4 Health

If patient dissatisfaction with how they’re being treated over the phone is an on-going issue for your medical practice or hospital, or if driving revenue and patient loyalty are two areas causing reason for concern — then a health care call center could be the solution. Daily practice management issues and challenges that include lack of staffing are the recurring and pressing reasons for taking on a health care call center’s services. For hospitals, private doctor offices and licensed therapists, it’s about how to go about easing the burden of everyday operational issues that can wreak havoc on revenues and reputation if not properly handled.

There are an array of reasona why health care call centers can provide what everyday medical offices or hospital switchboards cannot always do.

By setting a foundation for quality health call center operations, we can improve caller satisfaction, ROI, savings to an organization and more.

Best practices in health call centers matter. Consumers and clients expect access to information fast. Here are five top reasons why hiring a call center makes good business sense:


1.    Quick Response Time

Waiting on hold forever is just like any other consumer service line. It’s going to leave the caller disappointed rather than pleased by the outcome. A bad experience is also amplified thanks to disappointed comments expressed through social media. Therefore, it is imperative to take whatever steps are necessary in today’s competitive marketplace to ensure that a call center actually enhances a patient’s expectations instead of causing nothing but frustration and a consequent hang up. Timeliness and being a solution-driven resource makes all the difference.


2.    Reduce the Burden on Administrative Staff

By responding fast to patient and client requests — health call centers can help reduce administrative burdens, while also making the patient experience more positive. Here’s how: From consolidated after-hours telephone services to appointment-scheduling services for departments that require overflow assistance, plus decreasing and/or eliminating the call abandonment rate and more.


3.    Help Improve the Patient Experience

In today’s competitive marketplace, patients are well aware that they have options. Providers are replaceable. Therefore, patient requests that require immediate attention should be dealt with professionally and expediently. A robust call center can do just that, with a patient-driven, professionally trained staff at the ready to handle what comes in at any given moment. No call should ever be considered unimportant. Bad service is unacceptable to the patient and/or client at the other end of the receiver. Professionalism should always be the No. 1 expectation regarding the patient experience.


4.    Generate a Favorable ROI

Bottom-line improvements that are not always only measured in dollars and cents are one of the leading reasons for hospitals along with private physicians and licensed therapists to partner with health call centers. These reasons include: Drive revenues and patient retention, streamline operations by doing more with less; improve scoring for HCAHPS (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) for reimbursements; and access insights and data from business campaigns that span marketing to patient acquisitions.


5.    Outsourcing Benefits = Infrastructure Cost Savings

Overall, there are plenty of beneficial reasons for hospitals and other healthcare providers to outsource call centers away from in-house receptionists and administrative staff to leading facilities such as Call 4 Health. Such calling centers help alleviate the potential problems involved with scheduling and balance of workload, can provide quick answers with less callers being left on hold, plus offer the opportunity for higher patient satisfaction rates and positive metrics for value-based reimbursements.


About Call 4 Health

Call4Health is a leading telemedicine services provider with virtual call centers for various medical management services. Virtual call centers at Call4Health is attended with utmost concern, compassion and efficiency, every hour of the day, every day of the year.




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