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Centralizing Your Call Centers

by Sarah Wilson - March 17, 2010

Centralizing Your Call Centers by Sarah Wilson

  As we head into the New Year, it’s an excellent time to realign your customer service experience. If you’re encountering common tribulations associated with a multi-site contact center, perhaps it’s time to consider a centralized location. According to a survey commissioned by Teleperformance and conducted by YouGov, 87% of people felt they had a right to a better contact center experience if they regularly spend money with a company or stay loyal to a brand. Don’t let your customer service experience fall behind in 2010.

Here are the benefits associated with centralizing your call centers:

Increase Consistency - Streamline your call center process and maintain professional scripts and agents that sustain consistency on every call.
Reduce Cost –Avoid multiple fees across various locations. One-time fees for training and set up versus duplicate costs can significantly reduce your bottom line and simplify the training process.
Improve Analytics – Multi-location contact centers result in use of many reporting software programs. This can result in miscommunication between centers and limit the ability to forecast future trends and avoid error.
Reduce Hardware and Software Costs – Although the initial cost for technology at a centralized site may be higher, having a single location for hardware and software will ultimately save you money and reduce impending costs.
Forecast and Reduce Error - With the ability to monitor call statistic and data in real-time with ONE location, companies can resolve problems quickly, forecast future problems, and implement efforts promptly to increase efficiency.
Improved Communication - Improve communication and relationship with your call center provider by utilizing a single point of contact.

Centralizing your contact centers is an effective method to minimize costs and increase efficiency of your customer service team. Today’s focus has shifted to center on providing the ultimate customer service experience in order to stand above competition. Multi-location companies are choosing to consolidate their call centers to one location to increase efficiency and provide a consistent customer service experience across the board.

Bio: Sarah Wilson is a marketing communication specialist for Answer Center America – a full-service provider of inbound, outbound and e-bound call center services.

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