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Etech Global Services is a leading provider of customer engagement solutions for many of the world’s most trusted brands. They trust Etech with their most precious assets – their customers. Why? Because Etech’s commitment to continuous improvement, next generation technology, and empowering people results in a solution that drives customer experience and reduces effort. Etech’s industry-leading technology services, Etech Monitoring Solutions; provides critical analytics and insights into your customer interactions. 
Etech’s Quality Monitoring Solutions is exclusively designed for organizations to identify opportunities and provide actionable insights to improve processes, increase sales conversion, and enhance overall customer experiences. Highly skilled quality experts in combination with software analytics deliver critical intelligent data and actionable insights to drive business improvements.  Etech's solution, powered by Artificial intelligence and machine learning, assists in processing and automating large volumes of customer interactions, and will reveal hidden opportunities to drive your business growth.  
Etech has over 200+ quality assurance auditors led by an experienced leadership team with over 20 years of hands-on experience. 
 QEval is an innovative Quality Monitoring solution that enhances and elevates contact center Quality Assurance programs. With the help of QEval software, you will identify opportunities and formulate actions to improve your processes, sales conversion and customer satisfaction.
  • Inbound and Outbound – Calls, Chats and Email Evaluations.
  • Design your own custom audit forms.
Etech’s comprehensive Quality Monitoring software provides intelligent reporting for continuous improvement efforts. With dynamic reporting functionality QEval goes well beyond merely compiling data or verifying compliance. These intelligent reports and data are actionable and can help drive agent skills improvement. 


At SkyCom, we believe that focusing on employee satisfaction leads to a positive work environment and low attrition. This in turn leads to employee retention contributing to improved quality, overall efficiency, sustainability and lower costs for our clients. We believe that the success of our employees and clients directly contributes to reliable and consistent business performance and our solid reputation. Following are some of the services that we provide:

  • Nearshore call center services in spanish, native English, or french
  • Seat lease , or we build facilities to specs
  • Phone system platforms
  • Legal or general nearshore consulting

Here is why companies like Apple and Google are Nearshoring:

  • Central Time Zone
  • 2 hrs from Miami and 3 from Texas
  • Neutral english spanish population
  • Most agents have lived or visit the US on a regular basis
  • Dollarized economy
  • Low inflation
  • Tax incentives that translate to better rates
  • Great IT& internet infrastructure
  • All major US brands in the region
  • Government backs up the BPO sector

For more information visit our site www.skycomcallcenter.com

Alexis Perez
Vice President of Client Relations
Office Tel : (844) 240-0079
Direct: (844) 211-8372
Local :(305) 290-3516
Skype: a.jimenez_skycom


Pegasystems, Inc.

Pegasystems Build for Change® Platform is the heart of Better Business Software®. It delivers business agility and empowers leading organizations to rapidly close execution gaps and seize new opportunities. Pegasystems leverages its recognized leadership in Business Process Management (BPM), Multi-Channel Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Business Rules, and Adaptive Analytics to uniquely give its clients the power to engage customers, simplify operations and Build For Change®. For more information, please visit us at www.pega.com.


GC Services is one of the nation’s largest privately-held multi-channel and multi-lingual customer contact center outsource providers in the United States. For over 58 years, GC Services has provided award-winning outsource solutions including customer care and accounts receivable management solutions for both public and private sectors across many industries. With an average client tenure of 13 years (many having 20, 30, 40, and even 50+ years of partnership), we have built a solid reputation through our ability to deliver superior results while maximizing customer value and minimizing operational costs, all while protecting and promoting our clients’ brands.

We provide customer care and accounts receivable business process outsourcing solutions for partners from virtually every industry, including automotive, banking, computer manufacturing and consumer electronics, financial services, retail, shipping and transportation, telecommunications, utility, and governmental sectors too. Our contact center solutions handle a wide variety of services such as new account activations or new enrollments, general account inquiries, bill explanations, service transfers, payment arrangements, order taking and tracking, upsells and cross-sells, retention services, email, web chats, as well as other back office services (e.g. mail processing, account research, and damage claims).

Companies rely upon GC Services for the knowledge and expertise of our tenured, experienced workforce, our proven award-winning programs, our dedication to excellence, and our willingness to share innovative and best-practice ideas. Our processes ensure that we deliver the highest level of customer care, compliance, and performance results.

Consistency, dedication, professionalism, and trust are what you can rely upon with GC Services. Please contact us at 713.776.6625 or via email at business.development@gcserv.com to discuss how our programs can match your goals and objectives. Visit us at www.gcserv.com.

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