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At Convoso, we enable contact centers to hit performance metrics that they never thought possible.  Our multi-channel platform allows clients to generate and convert more leads faster.  Unlike typical systems that dial leads over and over without any real strategy, clients can set up drip workflow campaigns to automatically decide when and how often each lead is dialed.  The platform rotates local caller IDs and offers a caller ID reputation score to ensure you are not getting flagged as well as understand which outbound DIDs are working best.  To increase the chances of connecting with each lead, we also offer 2-way text messaging, voice broadcasting, outbound emailing, and the ability to drop ring-less voicemails. 
If this isn’t reason enough to switch to Convoso, let’s setup a side-by-side trial against your current vendor and let the results speak for themselves. 

Click here to request a trial: try.convoso.com/ 


Global Response
Global Response is The Brand Contact Center. Our Brand Specialists represent some of the world's top brands, providing high-touch customer service, live-chat, email and social-media support. We provides services for clients across diverse industries including retail, automotive, media subscription, insurance, healthcare and hospitality. Our brand passion drives every customer experience and is backed by advanced performance management, reporting and analytics. At Global Response, Your Brand is Our Passion!

During implementation each element of your program is tailored to meet your requirements. Our teams, processes and infrastructure are all tasked to deliver industry best practices. Collaborative workforce management and process improvement efforts are supported by customized training and quality assurance protocols. We place significant emphasis on learning about and immersing ourselves in your Brand.

Flexibility and scalability are central to our operating model. We are highly experienced in handling seasonal peaks associated with your business. Our client base supports a variety of different seasonality’s. This enables us to reassign proven and qualified Brand Specialists to your program ahead of peak seasons.

Most of all, Global Response develops true long-term partnerships. Many of our clients have been with us for over a decade. Our executive and senior management stay highly engaged with your program and your team. Our formula for success focuses on our partners. We want you to feel that this is your call center and that you have the resources, relationship and flexibility to customize and deliver your program… your way. For more information visit www.globalresponse.com




Unitel Performance Marketing is a full-service marketing organization. Our premier outbound sales service offers an exclusive pay-for-performance program, awarding brands up to a 30% increase in top-line revenue. Unitel holds an industry best close ratio. Simply put, we generate a new stream of revenue that never would have otherwise existed.
Throughout 19+ years of testing and refinement we have created a proprietary, and predictable, outbound sales system that allows us to target active and inactive customers realized, and unrealized, needs; cross-selling and upselling current customers, reactivating dormant customers.
Our ancillary services include:
Inbound Sales:
We work with clients to identify and map out solutions – building a call flow, expanding hours of operation, recording hold messages, on-hold messaging, voicemail options, IVR options, and off-site call routing.
Customer Service: 
We have a team of professional, upbeat, and friendly customer service experts ready to impress customers by delivering a positive brand image, 24/7/365. Our dedicated agents are only paid while working directly for our clients, making this service an affordable alternative to your existing internal office staff or expanding on an internal call center operation.
Overflow Services:
Being our accounts are 100% customizable, overflow call center services can be configured to provide customers with the exact level of support and professionalism they would have received had they called your businesses directly, 24/7/365.
Outsourcing your answering services to a live reception service, affords you professional full-time reception coverage for a fraction of the cost of hiring an employee.



Procom is an onshore, customer friendly alternative to offshore call centers. Our unique business model provides the economic benefits of 100% USA based agents at near shore pricing. Our educated, motivated and engaged team of agents ensures that quality communication and engagement are never sacrificed.
We are the call center of the future.
Moving at the Speed of Progress
Incorporating the most recent technological advancements into the way we do business, including predictive dialing, blended agents and inbound advanced call routing backed by digital recording capability, is a cornerstone of our success.
Untouchable Quality
Our 100% USA based agents are the engine that drives it. We understand that the real key to servicing our customers is the staff talent we dedicate to handling your projects. Our clients benefit daily from a team that is educated, motivated, and waiting to take your business forward.
Our Service
Procom provides a full-service package for both outbound and inbound services, including : 

  • B2B and B2C Marketing
  • Customer Service
  • Telesales
  • Insurance
  • Financial Services
  • Political Polling
  • Complicated Surveys
  • Lead Generation
  • Appointment Setting

Our B2B experience includes supporting the following verticals: Telcom, Internet, Cable, Utilities, Insurance, Office Supplies, Credit Card Processing, Small Business Loans, Wholesale Floorcoverings and Solar.
Blended seats and quick access to additional agents give us a significant advantage handling unexpected spikes in inbound call volume.
Procom is the partner you need for a bright, bold future.

CONTACT: Mike Larose mlarose@dialprocom.com O-817-429-6894 C-817-300-6894.



ListenTrust is the high-performance support partner for awesome brand experiences. We listen to your customers, provide solutions, and earn their trust. We specialize in personalized customer engagement, sales, and offer our clients a broad range of solutions in both English and Spanish.

We offer solid scalable operations that can expand to meet your needs. Our Corporate Headquarters are located in Portland, Maine, with Contact Center operations in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico.

Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico has 550 seats, expandable to 1,000 seats

We currently staff over 800 agents with room to expand to over 2,000 agents. Our agents are Spanish and English speaking and bilingual Spanish-English.

Moving into our second decade of business, ListenTrust is the industry leader for English and Spanish language agent services. ListenTrust's executive and management teams have decades of collective call center experience. We have extensive experience handling inbound and outbound sales and lead generation projects, non-profit fundraising campaigns, and customer service for a wide variety of products and serve types for direct response and digital marketing.

We are a strategic marketing partner. We approach everything with a marketing mindset to provide you with solutions designed to achieve your goals.


Tom Sheppard | Vice President of Business Development

MOBILE: 805.433.5000 | tsheppard@listentrust.com | skype: tsheppard-listentrust | ListenTrust.com 


Expivia is a full service 21st century omni-channel contact center with its DNA grounded in high end customer care and sales programs. Our management team has worked for some of the largest, most complex brands in the USA.
We are a U.S. based PCI Compliant brick and mortar organization located in Erie,
Pennsylvania with 100% American associates. Currently, Expivia operates 500 universal
stations and is currently in expansion mode.
Working together with some of the most exacting clients in the marketplace has placed
us in a unique position to understand the needs of highly complex customer service,
inbound marketing, and sales programs. We understand the dynamics of selling, based
on our years of outbound B2B and customer based B2C outbound calling.
Expivia is a leader in some of the newest CRM technologies such as Chatbot/Texting
Artificial Intelligence, Video Customer service along with advanced speech analytics. We
can help any organization employ these technologies as a part of their omni-channel
services to their customers. We can help guide organizations through the contact center
marketing channels of today and tomorrow.

THG, Inc. 

Seeking a Contact Center Outsourcing Provider?


  • To increase sales?
  • Sales team consistently outperforming your in-house team?
  • Contact centers that can scale up quickly?
  • Personalized attention from your outsourcing firm’s leaders?
  • Flexible enough to make changes at short notice?
  • Outsourcing suppliers who stand behind their promises?
  • You’ve found the right place at The Heller Group. 

Obsessed About Your Sales
The Heller Group was founded in 2005. Our mission? We’re obsessed with increasing your sales. Clients capture that obsession, the partnership thrives and client endorsements grow, as The Heller Group has consistently met and surpassed our clients’ outsourcing objectives. That’s why a leading Fortune 50 communications client has included The Heller Group in its Circle of Excellence every year since the award’s inception, and the same client’s President’s and Diamond awards were given to The Heller Group in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Reciprocity, Growth
Our business won’t grow if our clients aren’t growing. It’s no coincidence that The Heller Group was included in The Inc. 5000 ranking of the fastest-growing companies in America. That growth goes back to how much our clients have expanded. In the case of one client: A major fuel management company needing sales and marketing support contracted The Heller Group. After a few months of testing, results generated by Heller Group agents proved to be so valuable that the client enlisted more Heller agents and expanded its sales force 400%. These are the types of results that The Heller Group expects to provide for your contact center sales, marketing and customer care initiatives.

Testing the Waters
The relationship can start with a foot in the water before the all-out plunge. The Heller Group will act as your partner to accelerate sales starting with a select team of associates, then scale up after your expectations have been met. And, unlike most of our competitors, we are so serious about delivering results that we even offer flexible pricing options reflecting performance and mutual responsibility.

Applying Technology, Access
The important “people and processes” sales elements at The Heller Group are complemented by our investment in advanced and flexible technology, capable of meeting your most complex requirements. Plus, your firm will find the decision makers at The Heller Group approachable and creative, unlike so many competitors oversubscribed, unwilling, or unable to give the proper attention to your account.

Let’s start the conversation! email sales@thehellergroupinc.com, or call: 1-877-693-5168


XACT TeleSolutions
Kathy Gray
Director of Business Development
Office: 217-670-2304
A premiere provider of call center services and integrated telecommunication services for businesses nationwide. With state-of-the-art call processing technology and a hardworking staff of domestically-based call representatives, we are committed to giving our clients affordable and effective solutions for their inbound and outbound call center needs. Our Call Center agents are proficient at providing customers with personalized insight and direction. Whether you're a company that regularly sees high volumes of calls or a business entering a seasonal period where calls triple 
 or quadruple in average occurrence, we are here to help you. We support telephone calls, emails, and provide interactive web-based chat services. Call Kathy Gray @ 217-670-2304 to learn more.
Quality Contact Solutions
Quality Contact Solutions provides telemarketing and call center solutions that achieve sales results. Since 2007 they have been a premier choice for B2B telemarketing. Their expertise in Telemarketing, Lead Generation, Appointment Setting, Outsourced Telemarketing and Qualified Sales Lead delivery shows the versatility and expansive knowledge of their team. Many companies have partnered with QCS to reduce the time and cost associated with outbound programs. 

QCS is led by owners Dean and Angela Garfinkel. The organization has been recognized by the industry as a Call Center subject matter expert and leader in sharing of best practices. The principals of QCS have received numerous awards and accolades over the years including: appointment to the PACE National BOD and elected as Treasurer, appointment to Chapter BOD, Chair of Marketing, DMA Teleservice Council, recipients of Fulcrum, Foundation and Chairmen’s awards. In addition publications such as Call Center Times and Connections magazine recognized QCS management as subject matter experts by publishing numerous articles over the past 5 years on topics related to best practices, compliance, call center technologies, training, and defining goals.
Call us today at 877-755-9188. Or visit our website: Quality Contact Solutions 


EMS, Inc.

As a recognized leader in Customer Service Outsourcing, EMS, Inc. provides a 360 degree customer care program that meets all of your customer contact needs. We offer highly scalable and highly-efficient customer service and technical support solutions for all types of businesses. Each of our client’s programs are built from the ground up to meet their specific needs.

EMS, Inc. is interested in investing people and processes for your company and developing a partner relationship. Our end-to-end customer service offerings include: inbound and outbound telephone services, e-mail response and support, CRM solutions, consulting, IVR, live chat and direct marketing. EMS representatives are available 24 hours a day to supply your customers with the help they need when they need it.

Customer acquisition and retention are essential to an organization's success so every EMS, Inc. representative not only receives extensive program training but also thorough training in customer relationship management. Our representatives in turn provide outstanding customer maintenance and enhanced core relationships.

For additional information or a free quote contact us at sales@emscrm.com or call 1(800)233-8811.

GCS manages contact centers for our clients. We deliver first class customer interactions in any channel. Our proven process is scalable. Our approach is cost effective. We match your needs with the right location, talent and training for success. GCS lives the contact center business. GCS excels in three areas:
1) Omni-Channel Support in one of our Outsourced Centers
2) Staffing and Management in our Client’s Centers
3) Consulting and Training for any phase of Contact Center Operations
Outsourced Centers
Our Contact Center activities include integrated voice and non-voice services. Everything from Customer Service to Claims Processing handled through our high speed and secure network. We professionally process the information you need to keep your customers returning and your business running.
Customer Service
Account Servicing
Content Moderation
Case Registration
Reverse Logistics
Data Entry
Claims Form Processing
Help Desk
Social Media Care
GCS provides front line, support, and management staff for all call center and back office operations. We have the process to identify, screen, train, and staff your call center team. Whether we manage the complete program or assist you with part of your staffing needs, we use the same process developed and refined over 25 years in the contact center industry. Choose the level of service that works for you.
Turn-Key Contact Center Staff
Hiring for new positions
Management Team Development
Project Expansion, Transitional, Seasonal and Staff Augmentation
GCS has managed programs in many industries. We understand how to size the workforce and integrate self-service technology to balance cost and customer satisfaction. We have installed more than 75 centers and managed thousands of programs. We will provide the data, facts, and plans you need to make the right decisions. Call us today to tap our experience and real life solutions to meet your organization’s goals.
For more information visit GCSagents.com or call George Simons at 704 647.9621 x 6027 


The Connection®

The Connection® provides proactive contact center solutions to your most challenging customer experience issues. We offer customer service, help desk and technical support services via live operator, email, text, live web chat, social media, and brand interaction/reputation monitoring. The Connection® is a leader in the call center industry, leveraging a combined 150 years of experience to successfully achieve our Client’s goals. In addition to call center solutions, we also provide consulting services that maximizes your customer experience in the most cost-efficient way as well as eLearning solutions for call centers looking to effectively, efficiently train their internal call center agents.

Website Link:  www.TheConnectionCC.com


A premier provider of domestic call center services, OnBrand24, offers comprehensive inbound and outbound programs across a full range of B2B and B2C markets. We specialize in customer service, order processing and order taking, lead generation, appointment setting and market research/list scrubbing.

OnBrand24, named by TopTenREVIEWS the Gold Award winner in 2015 and the Silver Award winner in 2014, delivers custom programs for clients that value senior management involvement and commitment to their success. We have a 30-year track record of reducing our clients' business costs while boosting customer satisfaction and maximizing sales revenue.

Named to the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest growing companies in the U.S., all OnBrand24 representatives work at our call centers near Boston and in Savannah, GA. We aim to become an extension of your sales and marketing team.

Come visit our new website at www.onbrand24.com and check out our Lifetime Value of a Customer Calculator for free!

Call us at 855-ON-BRAND (855-662-7263) ext. 5244

Responsive Call Center

With over 30 years of experience in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Responsive Call Center has become a leader in this dynamic field by supplying economical, customized, and flexible solutions for small, mid-size, and large companies.  We educate our respondents to become brand stewards for the many different industries for which we provide services.

Responsive is an integral part of your business cycle by becoming a strategic partner and profit center.  Our call center facilities and management team are constantly evolving to optimize productivity and provide the best solutions.

Whether our customers are launching a new product, expanding a marketing campaign, or registering people for seminars, we learn our customers' Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to help achieve short and long-term goals.  We take pride in this attention to detail as it fosters mutually successful partnerships.

We have centers in:

1. Pennsylvania

2. South Carolina

3. Tennessee

4. Georgia

5. Florida

6. Managua, Nicaragua

7. Lima, Perú

Joe Dickinson
Responsive Call Center
Phone 412-571-2706
Fax 866-902-7821

Outsource Consultants - Call Center Advisors

CONSIDERING OUTSOURCING YOUR CALLS? Outsource Consultants is a call center referral and advisory firm that helps companies find the best call center and BPO outsourcing solution. Our FREE service will save you significant time and help minimize your risk when switching or selecting a new call center partner.

We provide this service to help companies find the best call center outsourcing services to meet their unique needs. Our consultative approach allows us to identify call center providers that are best aligned with your goals and objectives. Our over 20 years of outsourcing industry experience allows us to identify and implement solutions that help your organization save time and help you gain efficiencies.

You can rely on us to recommend a call center with expertise in your vertical market or industry to ensure the success of your initiatives. There is never a fee for our consultation and recommendation of an appropriate call center based on your requirements.

Our process is very simple: Just contact us at 952-303-2478 to discuss your business needs and objectives and we will recommend the top call centers that are the best fit for your outsourcing criteria.

OUTSOURCE CONSULTANTS - Call Center Outsourcing Advisors
Contact: Corey Kotlarz

Call 4 Health

Bryan Weinstein | V.P., Business Development & Contracts 
email. bweinstein@call4health.com | Web. www.call4health.com
4720 NW 2nd Ave. Ste. D105
Boca Raton, FL 33431
Phone: 561-994-3334 x1550
Fax: 888-422-7352

We here at Call 4 Health have stood with our loved ones and family members when they have been in patient care. We have also been patients. Call 4 Health genuinely understands the traumas faced in times of crisis. We know the patients difficulties in coping with treatment as well as the emotional and financial strain that often accompany a medical situation

Our compassion places patients and their families first. This is what sets us apart and it is the key to our success in continuing to provide the highest quality medical communications management solution to our clients. By maintaining efficient, accurate and timely service, we help medical professionals to care for their patients. We serve patients and patients families with our unique brand of assistance and our commitment to compassionate service.

Call 4 Health utilizes the latest and most innovative technology in the market. While we are fully committed to technological progress Call 4 Health has and always will be a friendly, compassionate voice on the other line. Because the people at Call 4 Health work diligently and are creative thinking, we are continually innovating and adapting. In todays fast paced and ever changing world Call 4 Health is always ready with real solutions consistent with the needs of both client and patient.

Call 4 Health will tailor a plan to exceed the clients expectations while upholding the highest standards of compassionate and ethical communications management available.


Live medical answering service for doctors, physicians, and hospitals. To help doctors and physicians access quality 24 hour medical virtual answering services for the the best possible price. 






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