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Calabrio is revolutionizing the way enterprises engage their customers with Calabrio ONE®, a unified suite—including call recording, quality management, 
workforce management and multichannel voice-of-the-customer analytics—that records, captures and analyzes customer interactions to provide a single view of the customer, and improve the overall agent and customer experience. Calabrio ONE—available in the cloud, on-premises, or in a hybrid environment—empowers everyone in an organization, from contact center agents to the CEO, with easy-to-use tools that provide a better understanding of the customer. Every customer interaction yields insights that expand customer-consciousness, which is how leading companies now drive growth and long-term corporate prosperity.

Calabrio has been developing and deploying customer engagement-focused solutions since 2007 to provide solutions for organizations across industries with 5 to 50,000 seats. In a big market that is only getting bigger, Calabrio has emerged as a disruptive player in the new world of customer and employee engagement. Calabrio solutions are built on an intuitive, web-based architecture that positions and accelerates the contact center as an epicenter for customer insight. Developed from the ground up, the integrated Calabrio ONE suite is elevating workforce optimization from a commodity-focused on call recording to mission critical technology for the entire enterprise.

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Headquartered in Houston, Texas, ethosIQ’s cloud and premised-based software has been delivering business intelligence to multinational corporations and government agencies since 2009. ethosIQ’s award-winning software collects, correlates and leverages data from multiple, disparate systems, empowering organizations to make informed, real-time decisions. ethosIQ's software solutions provide analysis and actionable insights that enable clients to deliver a better customer experience while ensuring operational efficiencies and maximizing technology investments. ethosIQ presents the data that enables decisions in minutes, not days or weeks.
ethosIQ processes and analyzes raw data through the Customer Engagement Platform (CEP). The CEP software gathers data from voice, web, multimedia, back office and HR, to then convert the information into invaluable business intelligence.  ethosIQ focuses on three software verticals: eCCR (ethosIQ Customer Care Reporting), eUMS (ethosIQ Utility Management Service) and eLRM (ethosIQ License Resource Management).
ethosIQ’s eCCR helps clients measure and manage the customer’s journey throughout their environment. eCCRallows call centers to see results in real-time, review agent productivity, examine cradle-to-grave lifecycle of calls, report IVR utilization, manage call flow and much more.
In addition, ethosIQ’s offers eUMS, a solution that provides users the ability to collect, correlate and leverage universal utility data in real-time. eUMS manages lifecycle accuracy of order placement and payment of invoices. 
ethosIQ also provides eLRM, which provides users the ability to monitor license utilization, configuration and HR and IT integration. eLRM eliminates the lengthy and expensive process of traditional license monitoring.
Regardless of the service(s) deployed, ethosIQ’s solutions help clients increase revenue and efficiency, decrease operating cost, maintain capacity for growth and change and improve service and support through data analysis in real time.
For more information:
Phone: 1-888-ethosIQ


Established in 2003, The Taylor Reach Group is an award winning, Call/Contact Center and Customer Experience consulting and advisory firm. The company is based in Toronto and has offices in New York, Atlanta, Sydney, Phoenix, Ottawa, London, Ireland and Beijing and Bangalore.
We are vendor agnostic and do not partner with technology or outsource agencies. All of consultants possess a minimum of 20 years of ‘hands-on’ call/contact center operational management experience. We do not sell the pyramid, the seasoned experts you deal with through the sales process are the same people who will complete your project. We offer our services with a risk-free guarantee and have a perfect 100+ NPS.
For more information on metrics management: 


Ulysses Learning
Award-winning customer service, sales, and coaching training.  Endorsed by top contact centers.
Your contact center will achieve profound business results, ahead of schedule, with Ulysses Learnings’ artful blend of patented simulation-based e-learning, facilitated exercises, coaching, and support tools, that redefine the way customers are respected and cared for and transformcustomer servicesales and coaching cultures
A 2017 Stevie® Awards winner, Ulysses has the only training proven to build emotional intelligence or “EQ” (in both agents and coaches) so that Judgment@WorkTM can be confidently, consistently, and expertly applied on every call.   
Ulysses Learning was founded in 1995 as a joint venture with Northwestern University’s Learning Sciences department and continues to bring clients new, innovative enhancements to its industry-leading training.
Many are surprised to learn that Ulysses was the first in the world to create and recently receive a patent for its “Overlay Modeling” software system. The system transformed the way computer-based training is developed and has been cited by Microsoft, IBM, and Reuters as being foundational to the development of several of their own innovative software products.
While other e-Learning products are built using more predictive or contrived modeling, Ulysses’ software continually adds or “overlays” real-life responses representatives provide while going through the training simulations. The software, in this sense, is not static, but lives and is further enriched with each interaction.  This is one reason why Ulysses’ clients report that training delivers more realistic and meaningful learning experiences that produce desired results in a shorter period of time such as:
·     • Escalated calls reduced by a minimum of 27% (One Ulysses client just reported escalated calls decreased from 38 per supervisor to 4!)
• Increased customer satisfaction by 21%
• Decreased call backs by 25%
• Improved average handle time up to 10 seconds or more
• Improved first call resolution up to 22%

Begin your contact center transformation now. 
Contact Ulysses Learning today!
Call: 800-662-4066


Q-Solutions Group can assist you with properly defining the key metrics within your center while working with your center management to define and capitalize on the opportunities identified during the metrics evaluation.

Generally, contact centers produce huge amounts of data, but do not translate the key data points into useful and actionable management information.  Our approach to metrics evaluation is to first define the relevant center metrics.  Then, given your specific customer needs, we determine achievable goals that can be used to compare benchmark ongoing performance.  When significant performance gaps are found, we identify the causes and determine the best most cost effective solutions.  Finally, we train your management team so they will be able to keep your center functioning in an optimized and effective manner on an ongoing basis.  In most cases you staff will be managing proactively!


Beautiful Dashboards. Powerful Insights.
iDashboards is a pioneer in the data visualization space. Through award winning engineering, and patented technology, we’re making it easier to understand your data, displaying key metrics in simple, interactive dashboards. At iDashboards, we don’t just provide richer, more visually engaging ways to display your data. We offer easy-to-build, dynamic dashboards that create context for any user – in any organization – so they can draw real meaning from raw data, creating dashboards that seamlessly connect to multiple data sources. No matter who you are, or what industry you work in, we can rapidly reduce the time it takes to build beautiful dashboards and discover powerful insights. From sales to support, our multifaceted team looks at every situation as an opportunity to innovate, better support customers and solve their data visualization challenges.

iDashboards looks at every situation as an opportunity to empower users to create engaging, interactive dashboards. From top to bottom, we made sure that every aspect of our software is easy to use, and that we have a product that fits your unique needs. Do you need powerful insights on the go? We’ve got you covered with mobile apps for both Apple and Android devices. Looking for a map type or chart that’s not in our library? No problem, our ViGraphics™ and Custom Maps allow you to visualize your data in a way that is completely specialized for your solution.

We’re providing organizations around the world with a stronger grasp on organizational performance. Customers ranging from large, Fortune 500 companies to small and medium-sized businesses have benefited from the freedom to stop formatting and start analyzing. Check out this video and find out why our customers love iDashboards or download a free trial today and discover the insight hiding in your data.

Inova Solutions

Inova Solutions is a global provider of real-time performance management solutions that help contact centers improve their operations through the use of actionable, real-time metrics and consolidated reporting. Reporting outputs include multi-media digital signage, customizable web-based dashboards, desktop applications and LED wallboards.

Company Specialization:

Whether your contact center is a customer service center, technical support, collections, or sales center or a combination of these, Inova’s real-time performance management solutions will ensure your team receives the key real-time information it needs to be successful. Solution packages include:

Customer Service: Inova Solutions provides a solid service foundation by helping you identify and track customer-centric metrics such as CSAT scores, first-call resolution, hold and transfer times, and quality scores in context with more traditional KPIs. Our consolidated reports also enable you to view and manage metrics for new channels of communication such as chat, email and social media.

Sales: If you’re managing a contact center that is responsible for driving sales revenue and you need better visibility of KPIs, or you simply want to showcase your team’s contribution to your organization’s success, Inova’s real-time performance management solutions can help. Our solutions let you see up-to-the-second sales data from your Salesforce CRM, or standalone sales database along with contact center performance metrics.

Help Desk Support: Call center help desk managers use Inova real-time performance management solutions to view, track and prioritize support cases from their incident-management systems like Remedy, ServiceNow and ServiceDesk, along with relevant performance metrics from their contact center systems.

Collections: Inova Solutions helps you achieve your collections goals by providing your representatives and supervisors with the right tools for tracking successes and monitoring inbound, outbound and automated dialer campaigns on consolidated dashboards and wallboards. 


Angel is a leading provider of IVR and call center solutions. Angel provides a flexible and cost-effective application to meet individual business and customer needs. The Angel platform is a fully hosted solution, with no investment in hardware, software, or human resources required. This helps organizations realize immediate and long term ROI as well as quickly and easily deploy voice applications that meets unique business needs.

Angel's innovative technology enables complete integration with databases or CRM tools, enhanced scalability and flexibility, and is the only provider to offer a web-based toolkit called Site Builder that facilitates voice menu design, caller data collection. Additionally, Site Builder is fully integrated with the Angel suite of call center and IVR applications and enables customer to easily build, manage, and update a complete IVR or call center solution online.

In addition, Angel has published a powerful set of APIs for developers. With these high-level APIs, developers can embed voice functionality into their enterprise applications. We currently offer transaction API, outbound API and call queue API.

• Interactive prototyping
• Fastest deployment
• Flexibility and control
• Full integration
• Personalized, interactive communications
• Highly customizable
• Real-time reporting
• Variable greetings
• Call recording and analysis
• Support with PASS

1850 Towers Crescent Plaza
Vienna VA 22182

PH: 888.MyAngel (888-692-6435)
Web site: 

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