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The founders of OrecX developed one of the industry's first ever call recording solutions back in the 1980s. Today, OrecX offers the industry's most affordable and easy to use, open-source based call recording software designed for contact centers, financial institutions and communication service providers. Our full suite of software includes premise and cloud-based total call recording, quality monitoring, mobile recording and screen recording - installed remotely in just 30 minutes.
Serving millions of users in over 3,000 call centers in 190+ countries, OrecX successfully helps businesses improve customer service, reduce liability (dispute resolution) and improve compliance (PCI-DSS, HIPAA, etc.). OrecX software is offered free for 30 days. You can try it at
OrecX is compatible with all leading communications platforms including Asterisk, BroadSoft, freeSWITCH, GENBAND, Metaswitch, Avaya, Cisco, Mitel, Fonality and ShoreTel.
-Full-featured commercial version at half the price of the competition
-Same-day return on investment (ROI)
-No installation costs
-Up and running in 30 minutes
-Simple no-cost localization/customization
-High profile customers include Nationwide, Allstate, Teleperformance, Convergys, --Budget Van Lines, IKEA and NTT.
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“You guys are really great. If you ever need a recommendation for a show or prospective customer, please let me know. I am more satisfied with OrecX than any vendor I have EVER used!! (Joseph Coll, Bruck Law Offices)

"Listen to Your Customers, Improve Your Business"
CallMiner believes that resolution is the fundamental driver of positive customer experiences. When contact center agents and others responsible for customer engagement are enabled by insight and feedback in real-time, they can dramatically improve the rate and speed of positive outcomes. With the tagline “Listen to Your Customers, Improve Your Business” our goal is to help companies automate the overwhelming process of extracting insight from phone calls, chats, emails and social media to dramatically improve customer service and sales, reduce the cost of service delivery, mitigate risk, and identify areas for process and product improvement. Highlighted by multiple customer achievement awards, CallMiner has consistently ranked number one in customer satisfaction, including recent surveys conducted by DMG Consulting and Ovum. For more information, please contact CallMiner at (781) 547-5666, or visit

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Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Drives to Best in Customer Service with Help from CallMiner Interaction Analytics
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Press Release
Press Release
Press Release

Etech Global Services is a leading provider of customer engagement solutions for many of the world’s most trusted brands. They trust Etech with their most precious assets – their customers. Why? Because Etech’s commitment to continuous improvement, next generation technology, and empowering people results in a solution that drives customer experience and reduces effort. Etech’s industry-leading technology services, Etech Monitoring Solutions; provides critical analytics and insights into your customer interactions. 
Etech’s Quality Monitoring Solutions is exclusively designed for organizations to identify opportunities and provide actionable insights to improve processes, increase sales conversion, and enhance overall customer experiences. Highly skilled quality experts in combination with software analytics deliver critical intelligent data and actionable insights to drive business improvements.  Etech's solution, powered by Artificial intelligence and machine learning, assists in processing and automating large volumes of customer interactions, and will reveal hidden opportunities to drive your business growth.  
Etech has over 200+ quality assurance auditors led by an experienced leadership team with over 20 years of hands-on experience. 
 QEval is an innovative Quality Monitoring solution that enhances and elevates contact center Quality Assurance programs. With the help of QEval software, you will identify opportunities and formulate actions to improve your processes, sales conversion and customer satisfaction.
  • Inbound and Outbound – Calls, Chats and Email Evaluations.
  • Design your own custom audit forms.
Etech’s comprehensive Quality Monitoring software provides intelligent reporting for continuous improvement efforts. With dynamic reporting functionality QEval goes well beyond merely compiling data or verifying compliance. These intelligent reports and data are actionable and can help drive agent skills improvement. 




Envision Click2Coach has had a long tradition of helping companies capture customer experiences for strategic insights and operational excellence. Click2Coach is an enterprise featured workforce optimization (WFO) solution, and can be implemented on-premise or in the cloud. Click2Coach Cloud is reasonably priced through a subscription, easy to install and fully featured on all Cisco platforms.

Click2Coach customers have reduced costs by 26 percent and increased efficiencies by 46 percent. We help manage key performance indicators including costs, quality, productivity agent, service level and call handling metrics that help you keep a pulse on your customer experiences as well as manager and agent interactions.

Regardless of the size of your contact center, Envision is a WFO agent analytics platform that is preferred by executives, contact center directors, managers, specialists and agents. Combining call recording, screen captures, PCI compliance, speech and text analytics, quality monitoring, automated agent evaluation, eLearning and Workforce Management in an easy to learn portal and platform called Click2Coach, come see for yourself why we offer enterprise features at an affordable price.

More and more companies are choosing cloud based solutions for good reason. Pricing is simple, and it’s easy to add or remove seats. With our cloud based product, all updates and upgrades are automatically included in the operational cost and you don’t have to employ an entire team of Information Technology specialists to keep the application and hardware operational with the latest releases and features.

By choosing Click2Coach, you can be assured that you are partnering with a company that adds features that grow and change as contact center technology and applications develop, but that allows you the flexibility of adding and subtracting agents for seasonal purposes.

Coaching is the number one skill that exceptional contact center directors employ to ensure that their contact centers are meeting and exceeding customer expectations so why not contact Envision Click2Coach to learn more. Feel free to email us at

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