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Envision Click2Coach has had a long tradition of helping companies capture customer experiences for strategic insights and operational excellence. Click2Coach is an enterprise featured workforce optimization (WFO) solution, and can be implemented on-premise or in the cloud. Click2Coach Cloud is reasonably priced through a subscription, easy to install and fully featured on all Cisco platforms.

Click2Coach customers have reduced costs by 26 percent and increased efficiencies by 46 percent. We help manage key performance indicators including costs, quality, productivity agent, service level and call handling metrics that help you keep a pulse on your customer experiences as well as manager and agent interactions.

Regardless of the size of your contact center, Envision is a WFO agent analytics platform that is preferred by executives, contact center directors, managers, specialists and agents. Combining call recording, screen captures, PCI compliance, speech and text analytics, quality monitoring, automated agent evaluation, eLearning and Workforce Management in an easy to learn portal and platform called Click2Coach, come see for yourself why we offer enterprise features at an affordable price.

More and more companies are choosing cloud based solutions for good reason. Pricing is simple, and it’s easy to add or remove seats. With our cloud based product, all updates and upgrades are automatically included in the operational cost and you don’t have to employ an entire team of Information Technology specialists to keep the application and hardware operational with the latest releases and features.

By choosing Click2Coach, you can be assured that you are partnering with a company that adds features that grow and change as contact center technology and applications develop, but that allows you the flexibility of adding and subtracting agents for seasonal purposes.

Coaching is the number one skill that exceptional contact center directors employ to ensure that their contact centers are meeting and exceeding customer expectations so why not contact Envision Click2Coach to learn more. Feel free to email us at

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Business Development
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At Vocalcom, we believe innovation and technology have too often failed to penetrate Contact Centers because of the complexity of their design & implementation. By providing a comprehensive set of innovative capabilities, designed with the end user in mind, we give managers a fast & simple access to contact center best practices & rich-media engagement. Organizations of all sizes can provide personalized experiences while radically improving loyalty, sales performance, & business agility - an amazing experience for employee and customers while creating deep and powerful customer connections - Across every channel - At every interaction.

Our primary focus is to enable companies to scale up and down quickly with “instant-on” capabilities. Our cloud contact center solution is designed from ground up to rapidly respond to business changes, and quickly push out new market offerings while improving the effectiveness of every customer interactions - with no IT support required. Vocalcom has designed cutting-edge solutions that provide all the new capabilities you need to create great multi-channel customer experiences - all from the cloud within an intuitive and easy to use application. Awesomely Powerful and Easy-to-Use. That’s what makes Vocalcom so different.

Simplicity for the business users. Rich functionality for the enterprise. For any company looking for a fast and simple way to give agents a complete customer view, cross-channel service capabilities, collaboration tools and bring rapid innovations to customer interaction channels, Vocalcom is changing the game. Our portfolio of on-demand customer engagement solutions can be rapidly deployed with minimal investment and no IT support. Your customer benefit from a faster, smarter and more responsive customer service at every touch point, whether on mobile devices, the web, social media, in-store, or on the go. That’s all customers want!

Transform your contact center into a successful customer engagement center. Always on, always connected. Vocalcom powers meaningful, real-time customer connections enabling businesses to create rich customer interactions, and great multi-channel customer experiences. Our solutions are designed to enhance the profitability of every customer engagement while reducing costs. Organizations typically see a 30% reduction in training time, 40% in average handle time (AHT), +37% in fast first contact resolution (FCR), +40% in agents productivity, +300% in outbound contact rates. All powered by the Vocalcom Customer Platform.

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