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Telemedicine: Reflections On 2018 - Modern Medicine Advances Well-Being Through Connections

by Joseph Pores, President and CEO, Call 4 Health - January 1, 2019

Telemedicine: Reflections on 2018
Modern medicine advances well-being through connections
By Joseph Pores, President and CEO, Call 4 Health
As the year comes to a close, there’s an inclination to reflect not only on meaningful trends and how they’ve impacted an industry, but also people’s lives. Telemedicine is no exception. Thanks to innovative digital trends, telemedicine service providers have helped to shape and develop critical aspects of how patients, doctors and medicine will continue to evolve in 2019 and beyond.
The telemedicine industry as a whole has helped to give patients better access to doctors, especially when an in-person consultation is often unattainable or even unnecessary for those individuals dwelling in remote or rural locales. That’s just one sustained example of how modern medicine has progressed to meet the needs of people seeking medical support.
Reporting by organizations such as Grand View Research, indicates that the global telemedicine market is expected to be worth $113.1 billion by 2025. What are the key market drivers backing this hypothesis? At the top of the list:
·         Mounting incidences of chronic conditions
·         Increasing demand for self-care
Additionally, the report suggests that virtual medicine and the rising demand for centralization of healthcare are expected to save on costs incurred, which is cited as an important success factor related to the expansion of telemedicine. 
Video Chat Platforms
An example of an effective and growing trend is the video chat platform for patient-doctor confabs. This vehicle gives patients the access to talk about their health and symptoms directly with a physician. “Virtual appointments are proving to be viable real-time, real-world exchanges,” says Joseph Pores, Founder and CEO of Call 4 Health. “The rationale is that virtual appointments can reduce the anxiety of an in-office visit that many patients experience and it’s also convenient and cost-effective,” says Pores.
According to “Here’s What Your Future Doctor Visits Could Look Like,” in Fortune, by 2024, the number of virtual doctors’ office patient visits will supersede the number of physical visits. What’s pushing the envelope for video interfaces between patients and practitioners, include:
·         Convenience factors
·         Cost savings for all parties
·         Negating time and distance
·         Swift access (as required) to general practitioners & specialists
·         More effective delivery of quality care
Eyeing the Future
No doubt, technological advances have posed new challenges as well as opportunities for future developments in health care delivery.
“What’s clear for now, and for the coming years, is that the telemedicine industry is reinventing the art of medicine by way of interactions,” says Pores. “It’s a titanic shift when you think about what was the typical patient-doctor norm. What this means is that telemedicine is aiding to advance vital human connections and contacts. This is true not just for patients and practitioners who could be thousands of miles apart, but also for physicians and specialists who are able to more readily connect, too.”
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