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5 Advantages Of Web-Based Dialers For Sales-Focused Call Centers

by Bob Wienholt, CEO and Cofounder, CallShaper, LLC - June 26, 2018

5 Advantages of Web-Based Dialers for Sales-Focused Call Centers
By: Bob Wienholt, CEO and Cofounder, CallShaper, LLC
Keeping your call center agents focused on making the sale can be a challenge in today’s modern business environment due to changes brought on by digital transformation. This changing landscape has forced call centers to consistently measure their rate of efficiency, productivity and compliancy in order to stay competitive in the global call center industry. Additionally, the manner in which customers communicate with your call center has shifted to a path that relies heavily on real time metrics.
In addition to managing evolving customer expectations, the contest to generate accurate reporting and analytics has plagued call centers for decades. Without the proper means to calculate the success of the calls, there is no way to report and measure success. The massive amount of customer data that runs through call centers must be reported in a manner to benefit organizational performance. Often call center managers are required to submit reports to several different departments that include sales and marketing, accounting and IT, but generating accurate, consistent reporting on multiple levels often becomes a manual process. Being able to report performance systematically based on multiple variables is essential so that performance can be optimized and media expenditures can be targeted to the most profitable segments.
Next, the introduction of the 2013 Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) in conjunction with the rising use of mobile devices has brought on massive challenges for sales-focused call centers to remain compliant. Fines can cost anywhere from $10,000 per violation and this fee can escalate when dozens of calls are wrongfully dialed.
The solution to combating all of these common call center challenges is a web-based dialer platform, instead of the outdated on-premise dialer that requires costly upgrades and can include unpredictable down time for agents. From the start, web-based dialers are cost efficient. Call centers can be up and running within days and only cost roughly $100-$150 per agent per month depending on whether they are including minutes or additional licensing fees.
Adopting a web-based dialer positively affects a call center’s bottom line to support both short-term and long-term goals. Let’s explore the five main benefits of web-based dialers below.
1.      Increased sales. In sales-focused call centers it is most important to make agents as efficient as possible. Web-based dialers offer many features that increase sales. From the beginning, no matter the size of your company, there is always immediate cloud deployment. There are no call center hardware maintenance costs – allowing you to scale your workforce flexibly. You have the power to add agents and locations without purchasing more hardware or expensive legacy licenses. Agent contact rates are more successful due to the features of automated dialers. This means sales are processed faster and agents can rapidly move on to the next call.
Statistical analytical reporting in web-based dialers also increases leads. Managers can view in real-time sales per hour, conversion rates and lead source levels. With these statistics, call centers can collectively evaluate performance levels.
2.      More talk time and less dead time. Labor costs are the #1 issue related to agent performance. With a web-based predictive dialer you maximize agent talk time and minimize busy signals, disconnected numbers and voicemails. Predictive dialers detect answering machines and dead numbers never connect to an agent. To boost efficiency, predictive dialers monitor how well these leads are connecting. For example, if a lead source starts strong but drops its connectivity rate, the dialer will compensate for that to keep agents moving to the next customer as quickly as possible.
3.      Automatic dialing features. Leads can be posted in bulk or real time with web-based dialers. This means leads are immediately available for dialing and you can track each real time source separately. Bulk file uploading imports leads from your own database or files from your lead vendors quickly and easily. Customers only need to upload the file, match up the fields, and the web-based dialer does the rest. Automatic dialer features also consider TCPA regulations and time zone regulations. For example, TCPA prohibits calls to the Pacific Standard time zone before 9am.
4.      Maximize live connectivity with prospects. Outbound web-based dialers enable call center agents to increase their number of live connections dramatically through a higher dialing ratio using a predictive dialer. Enhanced with statistical algorithms, predictive dialers increase calls made per day, automate the call handling process and reduce unanswered calls, long wait times, and dead numbers. You are not limited to a tiny 4:1 dialing ratio, nor will you need to monitor the dialer. Best of all, predictive dialers keep agents active while adhering to all applicable regulations. Leads are checked against the number of portability database to prevent violating the TCPA rules regarding dialing wireless number with an auto-dialer.
5.      Safeguard against common errors. One of the most important benefits of a web-based dialer is the dynamic scripting feature that offers tailored scripting to match your client’s requirements exactly. Custom agent scripting can also be tightly integrated with your ordering systems. Additionally, this feature protects againstpoorly entered data, underqualified or misreported sales, and missing call dispositions. The data entry requirements will not allow agents to move to the next step if details of the call are not entered properly.
These agent-focused web-based dialer systems are designed to boost the overall performance of your telemarketing business to increase your bottom line. They provide flexibility to make adjustments to each customer’s platform no matter the size of your company or number of call center locations. The main goal of web-based dialers is to save more time and money. They can protect you from violating TCPA laws to save your company potentially thousands of dollars. Compared to traditional communication methods, the numerous benefits of web-based dialers will allow you to maintain a healthy balance between workflow and agent satisfaction, making it easier to maximize your talk time.
Experience the benefits of web-based dialer and keep your agents focused on making sales by automating 100% of your telemarketing process.

Bob Wienholt is CEO and Cofounder of CallShaper, LLC – the originator of a cutting-edge cloud-based call center platform for efficiency and compliance-minded directors of inbound and outbound telemarketing call centers. Based in Perry Hall, Maryland, CallShaper harnesses the power of the cloud to automate 100% of the telemarketing process to keep agents focused on making sales. 

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