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Complimentary Webcast: Thursday, February 23rd - Cure Chronic 'Cost Center Syndrome' In Your Contact Center - OpenText

February 23, 2017

February 23 - Cure Chronic “Cost Center Syndrome” In Your Contact Center OpenText
It’s time to make the case with your executives and the broader organization that the wealth of information gathered from direct customer interactions is worth greater investment and more mindshare in the C-suite. Two contact center experts -  Ken Landoline, Ovum and Roger Lee, OpenText, , will show you how to break the cycle of being “just a cost center” by demonstrating the value that deep knowledge of customer behaviors can bring to the enterprise.

Drawing upon their decades of contact center experience, Ken and Roger will share details about: • Positioning the contact center as your company’s customer experience leader • Aligning the contact center with the top priorities of your executive leadership team • Coordinating contact center goals with those of other business units 

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