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KM2 Solutions Expands Its Near Shore Call Center Operations In Barbados

March 1, 2017

KM2 Solutions Expands its Near Shore Call Center Operations in Barbados
New York, NY – KM2 Solutions, a leading US-based, near shore contact center company, expanded its near shore call center operations in Barbados.  The expansion includes the addition of another building located adjacent to the existing operation in Bridgetown, Barbados.
The new center provides expansion capabilities for an additional 800 seats. With the addition of this new client, KM2 now operates with more than 1,200 agents in the Eastern Caribbean islands of Grenada, Barbados, and St. Lucia.
The expanded KM2 presence in Barbados is due to the addition of several new client programs for voice, chat and email.  In addition to Customer Care and Collections programs, KM2 Barbados also is now offering Technical Support, Loan Pre-Funding, Vehicle Logistics Support, Automobile Funding/Floor Planning Support, Direct Marketing Sales & Support, B2B Sales Programs, and more.  The center has also expanded training programs and leadership development programs to enable these services and support the expanded staff.
Additionally, KM2 Solutions opened an on-site Medical Facility in Building 2, contracting with doctors to provide exclusive service free of charge to KM2 Barbados employees. 
At the grand opening of the new facility, Tony Jennings, Regional VP of Caribbean Operations for KM2 Solutions stated, “This Medical Facility and our continued expansion in Barbados have resulted from a solid partnership with Invest Barbados and the Barbados Investment Development Corp. (BIDC), the strong performance of our employees in support of our growing client base, and the determination within KM2 Solutions that Barbados is the best place to invest for the growth and development of capacity to ensure that we meet the needs of our highly valued clients.”
About KM2 Solutions
With contact centers throughout the Caribbean and Central America, KM2 Solutions provides the highest caliber of cost-effective bilingual solutions for customer care, sales and retention, collections, technical support, and back office solutions. 
KM2 Solutions was recently awarded Frost & Sullivan’s Central American and Caribbean Contact Center Outsourcing Value Leadership Award.  This honor is presented to companies that demonstrate excellence in operational execution and consistently deepen client relationships by offering superior services that deliver a clear, demonstrable ROI.
For more information, please contact Joe Wester, Executive VP Sales at 262.790.2656 or
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